Quotes and Appearances

“A Feminist Scholar Explains This Year’s Red Carpet Activism”, Interview published in Racked

Research on media refusal written up in Scientific American’s Talking Back blog

Quoted in the New York Times Media Decoder blog on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Quoted in USA Today on college students and online privacy

Quoted in The Atlantic on online privacy and the digital afterlife

Quoted in Racked on awards show activism

Quoted in The Verge on Facebook losing teen users

Quoted in The Daily Dot on internet-famous pets

Quoted in Hazlitt on people quitting Facebook

Quoted in The Goods by Vox on Lady Gaga’s Elle Women in Hollywood Speech

Quoted in Racked on “Sad Girl” fashion

Quoted in Racked on Birkenstocks and “suffering for fashion”

Quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on communication via Snapchat

Quoted by the Associated Press on the virality of online quizzes

Quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s ProfHacker blog on #DayofHigherEd

Media refusal study cited in TechCrunch

Research on media refusal written up in Cyborgology